Maintain Your Trees With Ease

Leave the hard work of tree trimming or removal to Fred J Services

You love having trees on your property, but they can grow quite a bit over time. When you need them trimmed back or removed entirely, turn to Fred J Services.

Fred has the tools and knowledge required to carefully trim branches from any tree. He can also remove a tree from your property if it has died or if you don't want it anymore. With the help of Fred J Services, you can enjoy a beautiful backyard once again.

Connect with Fred J Services today to trim or remove your trees safely and affordably.

Do you need tree service?

How do you know when it's right to trim or remove a tree in your yard? Look for these signs that your trees need service:

  • Branches are hanging low near power lines.
  • The bark of your tree is withering away.
  • Your backyard is overgrown with low-hanging branches.
Allow us to trim or remove any tree on your property. Keep the branches for your own use or enjoy a discount on removal. Talk to Fred today to get started on sprucing up your spruces.